Improving capacities at national, regional and local levels with special emphasis on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is at the core of UNDPs work in Maldives. Key projects UNDP is currently undertaking with partners include:

  • The “Green Climate Fund Project” aimed at delivering safe and secure freshwater to 105,000 people in Maldives in the face of climate change risks
  • The “Integrated Governance Project” aimed at enhancing rule of law and democratic governance, and increasing citizenship voice and participation
  • The “Small Grants Programme (SGP)” aimed at delivering global environmental benefits through community-based approaches through multifocal “strategic initiatives” in the areas of biodiversity, climate change, land degradation, international waters and persistent organic pollutants.
  • The Make My Island Project aimed at exploring ways through which the potential and expertise of private sector partners could be mobilised, to create long-term partnerships contributing towards addressing the development challenges in the local communities.


Map of projects

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