Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services and IGMH representatives with UNDP Resident Representative, Akiko Fujii at the handover ceremony held at UNDP Maldives today.

Latest handover of ICT equipment and tools is part of ongoing efforts to ensure vulnerable populations continue access to critical services during the crisis and beyond


Malé, 17 September, 2020: Procured at the  request of the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services (MoGFSS) and Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the Maldives today presented the Ministry and hospital with digital equipment to help maintain uninterrupted provision of social services to people during a crisis such as COVID-19. Digitalisation of vital services enhances prevention of virus spread by promoting remote administration and reducing physical contacts.


UNDP supports the Ministry’s response to public demands for better communication and information provision. The digital equipment provided will help the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services to establish the Care Portal that will be used to provide services to the people in need. The support also aims to assist the Centre for Mental Health at IGMH and its Centre for Mental Health - set up for reporting of social issues and protection issues by vulnerable groups, and will contribute to transform business processes that were disrupted due to the COVID-19 crisis.


With COVID-19, public institutions and service providers had to adapt working remotely, facing many restrictions and limitations as such mechanisms were not in place fully. “In the midst of the global pandemic, this digital innovation support can help the Call Centre in providing uninterrupted services and support to the victims of domestic violence and gender-based violence, persons with disabilities, elderly and others facing social issues,” stated MoGFSS.


"Mental Health is relevant to all of us especially during these challenging times. We believe that digitalization of Centre for Mental Health will benefit not only Malé, but vulnerable populations living across the country," stated Centre for Mental Health.


“With the ongoing pandemic, working remotely has become a necessity for governments and service providers to continue operating whilst complying with health guidelines to curb the spread of the virus. UNDP pays special attention to the benefits of innovation and digital disruption in this challenging time. The handover of digital equipment forms part of the overall UNDP business continuity initiative, which is supporting public institutions transition to a virtual operating environment in order to continue providing essential services to those who need it the most,” said UNDP Resident Representative Akiko Fujii, speaking at the handover ceremony.


The digitalisation items were supplied as part of UNDP’s COVID-19 Integrated Response Offer 1.0, which supports the health emergency measures as well as longer-term socio-economic recovery. Under its integrated governance support, UNDP works closely with the Ministry to promote women’s leadership in both political and economic spheres, while enhancing their access to justice and legal aid and prevent Gender Based Violence.


Building on this support, UNDP’s ongoing collaboration under the latest offer 2.0 in the form of ‘Beyond Recovery: Towards 2030’, aims to assist the Maldives in strengthening Democratic Governance, a Green/Blue economy, and social protection and digitalisation as a means of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of the wider UN Maldives’ socioeconomic recovery framework.


Working together with other UN agencies, UNDP is committed to providing the necessary support to Maldives to effectively contribute to national priorities under the government’s recovery planning to ensure a full social and economic recovery and to Build Forward Better. 







MoGFSS: Wajdha, +960 755-8892

IGMH:, +960 7916565

UNDP:, +960 7920908


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