We need clean water for safe hands, as handwashing is key to stopping the risk of infection. With the COVID-19 outbreak we are realizing just how precious our resources are, including our strained water systems.

UNDP Resident Representative Akiko Fujii says, “We need to look one step beyond the health crisis. The outbreak affects people’s lives at multiple socio-economic levels, in particular, by putting vulnerable populations in even more difficult situations. For example, in the case of climate vulnerability, if the COVID-19 situation continues, the usual water shortage during the dry season is likely to be exacerbated by economic, fuel and human mobility restrictions; this in turn increases vulnerability to this pandemic.”

UNDP is working to help ensure some of the most vulnerable people have access to clean, reliable water for better health and well-being. In the Maldives, we are working with partners to support vulnerable communities to manage climate change-induced water shortages.

More info: https://www.mv.undp.org/content/maldives/en/home/projects/GCF.html

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