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UNDP Maldives Year in Review 2020

Civic Engagement Matters; Here is why!

“I was very young when I signed up as a volunteer for a local NGO called Tiny Hearts of Maldives. People used to say that you are doing so much work for nothing. I used to reply back saying, doing…  

Ukulhas: an example of excellent waste management practices

Zaeema, a mother of three, is one of the twelve participants from Laamu Atoll Fonadhoo taking part in a three-day tour to the central atolls of Alif Alif and Alif Dhaalu as part of the knowledge…  

Nature Walk—a chance to reconnect with history and nature

UNDP team and volunteers had put up permanent labels for some 42 plants which identified their English, Dhivehi and the scientific names. Abdulla Adam, an expert on plants and an avid plant lover, who…  

Training for Local Council Hopefuls Empower Women

The training for local council hopefuls focused on how local councils should operate. It detailed the important aspects of the Decentralization Act, including the functions and responsibilities of a…  

Maldives Elects New Leader

UNDP provided strategic support to the Elections Commission in the tightly-contested Presidential Election  

The People’s Atoll - Story of the First Biosphere Reserve of the Maldives

The Atoll Ecosystem Conservation (AEC) project was initiated to try to conserve the environment in and around the Baa Atoll. The ultimate aim was that the project would become a model of conservation…  

YLP profile

They came from very different worlds, but left with a common vision and shared goals following the Youth Leadership Programme  

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