A capture from UNDP-supported Miyaheli social innovation camp. Photo: Shaan.

Launched in 2019, the Accelerator Labs Network is UNDP’s new service offering that works with people, governments, the private sector and other partners to reimagine development for the 21st century.

Accelerator Labs create actionable intelligence, test solutions with national partners, accelerating learning about what works and what doesn’t in development so that we can get faster results on the ground.

Accelerator Labs are in 90 locations supporting 114 countries. The Maldives Accelerator Lab was launched in 2020.


What we will be doing:

Embedded within the UNDP Maldives Country Office, the Maldives Accelerator Lab will:

Explore, test, and grow solutions for sustainable development in the country and co-design with partners new approaches to address development problems, unleashing the power of collective intelligence, local innovations and experimentation.

The Maldives Accelerator Lab brings with it global knowledge, experiences and methodologies, and supports the contextualized application of these to help the country address it's many frontier challenges starting from the future of work to the future of the tourism industry.

Find out more about Accelerator Lab Maldives here

Contact the Maldives AccLab team at: cloud.acclab@undp.org


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