Unique character

Maldives compromises of approximately 1,190 coral islands that is widely dispersed across the Indian Ocean. Each of these island is unique in their size and character depending upon its location, form and topography. The dispersed nature of the islands act as a geographical barrier to sustainable development. Innovative solutions is key to overcome the geographical boundaries and ensure that no one is left behind. In this regard, efforts are made towards achieving the SDGs by finding lasting solutions to both economic and environmental challenges. 


Next Generation UNDP builds on our worldwide presence, thought leadership, and over 50 years of experience to help the Maldives respond to a fast-changing development landscape. We are creating new solutions, building collaboration platforms, and sparking new partnerships and instruments for development. These innovations are disrupting the way our organization thinks, invests, manages, and delivers—so we can perform faster and better than ever to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.


Programmes and Initiatives

Integrated Governance Programme
GEF Small Grants Programme Maldives
Fisheries Demonstration Project


UNemployment rate

As per Census 2014, the Unemploymen Rate as defined by ILO is 5.2% in Maldives which attributes to a population of about 8,005 people.

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