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Building together

The Maldives is a young democracy attempting to build on considerable economic and human development gains, but simultaneously still challenged by deep socio-economic and environmental issues. This small island nation graduated from Least Developed Country status to Middle Income Country status in 2011. The country has made strides in democratic consolidation with further plans to strengthen the local governance system, reform the judiciary and strengthen the legal sector.

Resilient and peaceful

UNDP supports to build a resilient and peaceful democratic society in Maldives through stronger systems of democratic governance that guarantees the participation of citizens in sustainable development, particularly the vulnerable groups and ensures that rule of law and accountability are met. UNDP is also committed to empowering women to access equal rights and opportunities to social, economic and political opportunities and works closely with the government, civil society organizations and the community to advance this vision. 

Our projects

Integrated Governance Programme
Miyaheli- Social Innovation Camp
Vaane - Empowering Girls through Sports



In Maldives, youth is defined as young men and women aged 18 to 34. More than 40% of the Maldivian population is between the ages of 18-34

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