The Second National Human Development Report to be Produced in the Maldives

Jan 28, 2013

UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Azusa Kubota speaking at the NHDR Theme Selection Workshop held with national stakeholders. Photo: UNDP Maldives 2013.


More than a decade since the Government of Maldives published its first National Human Development Report (NHDR), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is yet again collaborating with the Government to develop the second Human Development Report for the country, to promote national policy dialogue, constructive expression of divergent views, and the identification and analysis of development.

“When rooted in national priorities and addressing issues that matter to people, the Human Development Reports are ideally placed to make substantial impacts on policies and practices.  In many places, people have come to view the reports as important sources of innovation and solution. Taking on cutting-edge issues, they make new connections and offer alternative proposals for development.  Experiences around the globe shows that NHDRs have led to action and changes,” said Azusa Kubota, UNDP’s Deputy Resident Representative, speaking at the opening ceremony to launch the workshop.

The second NHDR will focus on country realities, and reflect well-defined national perspectives on human development in addressing priority national themes, emerging trends, opportunities and challenges.

The initial report of 2000/2001 provided a wide-ranging account of the opportunities the Maldives possesses and the challenges that it faces as a nation. The Report emphasized that the human development discourse puts people and what they value most – their security, needs, rights, and choices – at the centre of the development effort.

The objectives of the second NHDR are;
•    To promote a better understanding and use of human development,
•    To disaggregate human development related indices for the Maldives, and,
•    To influence public policy and government resource allocation for more equitable national development and attainment of MDGs.

In this regard, a theme selection workshop for the NHDR was held with multi-stakeholder participation based on an inclusive consultative process, in order to choose a theme for the NHDR from a list of shortlisted priority themes.

The shortlisted themes included; Equity and Vulnerability, Gender and Women’s Empowerment, and Youth, Employment and Education. The selected theme will be proposed to the Steering Committee of the NHDR for a final selection.

“I am confident that this workshop would provide us with valuable input for theme selection and I hope that this would lead to the compilation of a very stimulating and effective Human Development Report,” said Honourable Mohamed Iaad Hameed, Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury.

The second Maldives National Human Development Report is expected to be released by the end of the year.

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