Trainings on political leadership and women’s empowerment



We just wrapped up the first phase of our #anhenVERIN programme!
On the last day, we asked some of our participants to tell us about their vision for themselves 30 years from now. Looks like we have some incredible leaders to look forward to!

Currently, the statistics on women’s representation at leadership positions paint a bleak picture.

Women hold just 5 out of 85 parliamentary seats and 61 out of 1,118 local council seats. Only 2 out of 13 cabinet members and 5 out of 35 of State Ministers are women. Although women constitute a large portion of the civil service, very few women are represented at the decision-making level. These numbers need to change.

Through our programme, we delivered targeted trainings on political leadership and women’s empowerment to more than 100 men and women from political parties, civil service and private sector. Such great energy from all participants! It’s great to see combined efforts on bringing more #anhenVERIN to lead the way. We have more planned for next year so stay tuned!

Shout out to Transparency Maldives and UN Women for partnering with us on this important initiative. #stepitupforgenderequality #girlpower


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