First National Legal Aid Conference Held

Encourages ProBono Legal Services to Assist Vulnerable Groups



July 2016: We are assisting the Maldives to hold its first “National Legal Aid Conference” today under the theme “Pro bono initiatives: building partnerships in legal aid”. It is being organised by UNDP Maldives, in collaboration with the Attorney General's Office and Family Protection Authority.

The conference addresses the broader concept of legal aid as being a necessary component of access to justice.

“Legal Aid is a means for empowering those whose rights need to be protected the most. It is also a fundamental human right entrenched in numerous international obligations,” said Shoko Noda, UNRC and UNDP Resident Representative.

The main objective of this conference is to engage with the legal community and relevant stakeholders to explore alternative legal aid mechanisms, including pro-bono initiatives to enhance accessibility to legal aid services at a national level.


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