UNDP launches documentary on Good Practices in Waste Management

Jun 5, 2014

The festival was attended by senior officials of different state institutions

The UNDP’s Mangroves for the Future (MFF) Programme in association with local film production company Red Productions has launched a video documentary titled ‘Good Practices in Waste Management’ during the Environment Day Film Festival held on this Thursday (5 June 2014).  

The festival was launched by the Minister of Environment and Energy, Honorable Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim.

The documentary, ‘Good Practices in Waste Management’ explores the waste management practices in the islands of  Alif Alif atoll Ukulhas, Meemu atoll Dhiggaru and Haa Alif atoll Vashafaru. The video shows the three islands have come up with locally-led solutions in waste management and the successful replication of Ukulhas model in Raa Atoll Ungoofaaru.

The documentary was produced by Red Productions through a small grant of the MFF Programme to research on waste management practices employed by island communities across the country.

Speaking on the video, Mr. Devanand Ramiah, who is the Officer in Charge of UNDP Maldives said that the documentary was a very good example of how locally found solutions for pressing problems can be replicated and scaled up providing sustainable solutions.

“This documentary is a prime example of UNDP’s aim to address key national environmental issues by harnessing local knowledge and best practices, and exchanging this knowledge and information of good practices that already exist in the country,” Mr, Ramiah said.

He also thanked Red Productions and it’s lead Director Mr. Abdul Fahthaah for taking a such strong interest and initiative towards the issue.

During his speech, Minister Thoriq Ibrahim also thanked Mr. Fahthaah and Red Productions. He noted that  it was important to have more ambassadors such as Mr. Fahthaah for environmental causes and issues.

He also spoke on the importance of importance of waste management in tourism sector reflecting on the sector’s strong dependence on environment.

The UNDP’s Mangroves For the Future (MFF) programme is a strategic and long term response to the continued degradation of costal ecosystems threatening the livelihoods and security of coastal communities throughout the Indian Ocean Region.  One of the focal areas of MFF in the Maldives is addressing waste management issues in the country.

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