UN Agencies and Government of Maldives launch the Low Emission Climate Resilient Development Programme (LECReD)

May 18, 2014

Participants standing for a group photo after the ceremony

The UN Agencies present in the Maldives and the Government of Maldives have launched the Low Emission Climate Resilient Development (LECReD) Programme last Sunday (18 May 2014) in Laamu Atoll Fonadhoo Island.

The LECReD is a three-year joint programme worth US$ 9.2 million aims at responding to the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) Outcome 9: Enhanced capacities at national and local levels to support low carbon life-styles, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction. The programme is a unique joint-initiative that capitalizes on the comparative strengths of UN Organizations including the UNDP, UNICEF, UNOPS, UNFPA, UN WOMEN, WHO and FAO to ensure smooth implementation.

The programme will assist Laamu Atoll and its islands to realize low emission and climate resilient development while attempting to mainstream issues pertaining to LECReD into local development planning and service delivery for greater community-level ownership and sustainability.  Towards this objective, the programme will support local councils, Women’s Development Committees, NGOs, the private sector and other local stakeholders to establish platforms for stronger partnerships, improved coordination, and enhanced participation in evidence-based local planning.

Speaking at the official programme launching ceremony, Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim said that the LECReD Programme will play a pivotal role in shaping the future development of Laamu atoll, paving way for more climate-resilient projects in the social and economic sectors of the atoll.

 “At the end of the Programme, it is my wish and the wish of the UN in Maldives, to see Laamu Atoll as a benchmark for future atoll and island-level planning that is more strategic, climate-smart and evidence-based, and which will help mobilize public and private investment,” Ms. Azusa Kubota, the UNDP Resident Representative a.i. said during her remarks at the ceremony.

The President of Laamu Atoll Council Mr. Yusuf Amir, in his statement, noted that it is the only atoll in Maldives to have such a programme and urged the Laamu Atoll community to make positive use of this opportunity for the development of their atoll. He also affirmed the support of the Laamu Atoll Council to all participating UN agencies in implementing the programme successfully.  

An information session was held following the official inaugural ceremony, where individual UN agencies and the community had the opportunity to ask questions relating to the programme. This proved to be a valuable platform to engage the local community, and received strong participation from the Island Councils, Women’s Development Committee and other local stakeholders. 

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