Our Stories

  • A Dance of HopeA Dance of HopeHathim is the proud founder of the Katolla Cooperative Society from the island of Hoandehdhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll in the South of the Maldives. While many members of the Cooperative are avid ‘boduberu’ performers, they have also ventured into markets such as wood carving, as a means of increasing livelihoods for the island community.

  • Auto-pot farming: a revolutionary techniqueAuto-pot farming: a revolutionary techniqueThe Meedhoo auto-pot project is at a stage where it has become self-sufficient, and this is what the projects in other locations should aspire to as well. With proper market linkages, and the support of the government, donor agencies and local businesses, MEC is proof that the auto-pot project can benefit not only the direct beneficiaries of the project, but also the communities at large.

  • Eco-tourism, an exciting new venture for remote islandsEco-tourism, an exciting new venture for remote islands