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Sample imageUNDP working in partnership with the Federal Republic of Germany in support of expanding access to justice in the Maldives. Photo: President's Office Maldives 2011.

UNDP works together with many partners, both within and outside the UN system, sharing experiences and resources and enhancing the collective potential for development and achieving the Millennium development Goals in Maldives.

The Government of Maldives

UNDP works closely with the Government to implement initiatives that support national priorities and helps achieve developmental aspirations of the people of Maldives. Our Country Programme, which outlines UNDP’s activities in the country, is prepared under extensive consultation with the Government and is agreed to by both the Government and UNDP. Many of our projects are implemented by government agencies at both the national and local level, and the Government and UNDP are jointly responsible for monitoring and evaluating the progress and impacts of UNDP supported projects in the country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs acts as the Government Coordinating Authority for UNDP’s Country Programme.

On the ground, UNDP develops collaborative and close relationships with relevant government ministries, departments, various agencies, independent commissions and various institutions, to successfully deliver projects and ensure ownership and sustainability of the results. In some instances the Government may contribute to programmes or projects either in kind or through programme cost sharing arrangements.

Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

UNDP also engages with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations (CSOs) at various levels, as partners in advocacy and implementation. These partnerships are essential to ensuring that linkages exist between the national policy and the communities and that development benefits are realized at the community level. Civil society is also becoming increasingly influential in policy making, and are of strategic importance to good governance, accountability, national ownership and the quality of the development programmes. Where possible UNDP engages with NGOs and CSOs for advocacy and service delivery while providing assistance to develop and strengthen the organizations themselves.

Bilateral and Multilateral partners

UNDP programmes and projects include close partnerships with multilateral and bilateral development organizations that have an interest in the development of Maldives. Bilateral and multilateral partners often commit financial resources for the implementation of UNDP programmes. UNDP also enjoys various forms of technical and financial cooperation with international non-governmental organizations and foundations. These strategic partnerships have enabled UNDP to coordinate and harness the knowledge, expertise, skills and resources of various bilateral and multilateral partners to provide the best development solutions for Maldives.

Private sector

Private enterprises contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through generating economic growth, employment and public revenue. In addition many businesses now have greater corporate social responsibility and are eager to support development initiatives. As such, private sector is becoming increasingly important as a strategic partner for UNDP’s work. UNDP works with various businesses –from multinational corporations to local enterprises – that are keen on supporting national and local development.

UN Country Team

UNDP works together with other UN agencies – both resident and non-resident – bringing together the resources and expertise of all UN agencies to better serve Maldives’ needs. Working together allows all the UN agencies to complement each other ensuring the most effective use of technical and financial resources. UNDP collaborates with other UN agencies to develop joint programmes such as the LECReD Programme, where a coherent and comprehensive approach is required. As per its comparative advantage, UNDP often plays a leadership role in such Joint Programmes.

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