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  • A Dance of HopeA Dance of HopeHathim is the proud founder of the Katolla Cooperative Society from the island of Hoandehdhoo in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll in the South of the Maldives. While many members of the Cooperative are avid ‘boduberu’ performers, they have also ventured into markets such as wood carving, as a means of increasing livelihoods for the island community.

  • Auto-pot farming: a revolutionary techniqueAuto-pot farming: a revolutionary techniqueThe Meedhoo auto-pot project is at a stage where it has become self-sufficient, and this is what the projects in other locations should aspire to as well. With proper market linkages, and the support of the government, donor agencies and local businesses, MEC is proof that the auto-pot project can benefit not only the direct beneficiaries of the project, but also the communities at large.

  • Civic Engagement Matters; Here is why!Civic Engagement Matters; Here is why!“I was very young when I signed up as a volunteer for a local NGO called Tiny Hearts of Maldives. People used to say that you are doing so much work for nothing. I used to reply back saying, doing what you like doing is sometimes better than good pay,” Dan reckoned.

  • Community-based TheatreCommunity-based TheatreCBT is designed to promote community-based, grassroots and people-led dialogues on sensitive community issues and conflicts. It brings people from all walks of life together to openly discuss problems, and promote the inclusion of and respect for multiple perspectives around the same issues.

  • Eco-tourism, an exciting new venture for remote islandsEco-tourism, an exciting new venture for remote islands

  • Maldives Elects New LeaderMaldives Elects New LeaderUNDP provided strategic support to the Elections Commission in the tightly-contested Presidential Election

  • Nature Walk—a chance to reconnect with history and natureNature Walk—a chance to reconnect with history and natureUNDP team and volunteers had put up permanent labels for some 42 plants which identified their English, Dhivehi and the scientific names. Abdulla Adam, an expert on plants and an avid plant lover, who also is the Small Grants Officer of the UNDP’s Tourism Adaptation Project (TAP), led the charge in the walks.

  • Of Tortoise and Men Of Tortoise and Men

  • The People’s Atoll - Story of the First Biosphere Reserve of the MaldivesThe People’s Atoll - Story of the First Biosphere Reserve of the MaldivesThe Atoll Ecosystem Conservation (AEC) project was initiated to try to conserve the environment in and around the Baa Atoll. The ultimate aim was that the project would become a model of conservation for all atolls in the Maldives.

  • Training for Local Council Hopefuls Empower WomenTraining for Local Council Hopefuls Empower WomenThe training for local council hopefuls focused on how local councils should operate. It detailed the important aspects of the Decentralization Act, including the functions and responsibilities of a Local Council and how the council should communicate and interact with the community.

Featured Publications
Comprehensive Study of the Maldivian Civil Society

The report provides insight into the opportunities for improving the public confidence in CSOs and the key concerns that should be addressed when decentralizing the regulation and monitoring of CSOs.

Valuing Biodiversity - the economic case for biodiversity conservation in the Maldives

The “Atoll Ecosystem Conservation” (AEC) project co-financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and implemented through UNDP by Ministry of Housing, Transport and Environment is putting forward this report that demonstrates and quantify the value of Biodiversity and Atoll ecosystem conservation in the Maldives.

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  • Baa Atoll Conservation Fund Launch
  • Baa Atoll Conservation Fund Launch
  • Baa Atoll Conservation Fund Launch
  • Baa Atoll Conservation Fund Launch
  • Baa Atoll Conservation Fund Launch
  • Baa Atoll Conservation Fund Launch

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