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Theatre promoting dialogue, understanding and uplifting spirits of communities

Kolhufushi Island in Meemu Atoll was among the most affected during the 2004 tsunami, with inhabitants living in temporary housing even today. The unfortunate twist of fate and dire living conditions mean the islanders are faced with daily frustrations and struggles. Many of them remain aggravated bmore


Maldives Elects New Leader

On 17 November 2013, the Maldives saw the inauguration of new president Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom, a day after his runoff victory ended a long and highly-contested election process. Yameen secured the majority of the votes, winning over the country's first democratically elected leader Mohamed Namore


Preparing Women Leaders to Contest for Local Council Elections

The children giggle and chatter as they wait for their parents to collect them. As the last of them shakes her hand and leaves with a cheery “Bye, Aunty” (the moniker for teacher), Fahumeena Hussain, 30, lets out a sigh. She gathers the papers and crayons from the desks and stacks them in a neat pilmore