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  • Civic Engagement Matters; Here is why!Civic Engagement Matters; Here is why!Sep 20, 2015“I was very young when I signed up as a volunteer for a local NGO called Tiny Hearts of Maldives. People used to say that you are doing so much work for nothing. I used to reply back saying, doing what you like doing is sometimes better than good pay,” Dan reckoned.

  • Community-based TheatreCommunity-based TheatreAug 5, 2013CBT is designed to promote community-based, grassroots and people-led dialogues on sensitive community issues and conflicts. It brings people from all walks of life together to openly discuss problems, and promote the inclusion of and respect for multiple perspectives around the same issues.

  • Maldives Elects New LeaderMaldives Elects New LeaderDec 8, 2013UNDP provided strategic support to the Elections Commission in the tightly-contested Presidential Election