Democratic Governance

At the local level, UNDP supports on-going efforts to promote participatory development planning and decision-making, building capacity for effective implementation of development programmes, the empowerment of women, and works to create a stronger voice for people in local governance. At the national level, UNDP provides strategic support to Maldives institutions (governmental and non-governmental), working in areas such as decentralization, civic education, anti-corruption, rule of law, transparency, right to information, women's political empowerment, and human rights.

Our Goals

Our new focus is on setting up effective and accountable governance institutions for enhanced service delivery at national and local levels, improving social cohesion and strengthening capacity of civil society to meaningfully participate in the public life.more

Good Governance for the People

As the rapid democratization process takes shape, UNDP is supporting Maldives to consolidate and deepen the democratic progress and promote good governance by working with the people in building partnerships and sharing ways to strengthen participation, accountability, and effectiveness at all levels. Photo: UNDP Maldives 2013.

Our Stories

  • Dreams from the Youth

    Dreams from the Youth

    They came from very different worlds, but left with a common vision and shared goals following the Youth Leadership Programme more

Projects and Initiatives

IGP Result Area 1

National and Local Level Institutional Capacities Strengthened to Ensure Transparency and Accountability and for Supporting Democratic Consolidation and Processes more

IGP Result Area 2

Equitable Access to Justice Increased and Rule of Law Strengthened Through Support to the Justice Sector, Including Judiciary, and Promotion of Human Rights more

IGP Result Area 3

Enabling Environment Created and Strengthened for Enhanced Social Cohesion Through Inclusive and Participatory Decision Making and Development more

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