Democratic Governance

UNDP is poised to assist in deepening democracy and consolidating the Maldives' democratic transition in the context of an evolving democracy. We aim to support to strengthen democratic institutions, processes and practices, promote their sustainability and improve social cohesion and human security for all people of the Maldives.

Our Goals

Our new focus is on enabling an enhanced voice and participation for more effective and inclusive governance systems. Using a human rights-based approach, the framework will provide a means to improve the capacities of key institutions such as the Parliament, Judiciary, Elections Commission and Local Councils, through targeted capacity building and the provision of a platform for decision-making on development priorities. In doing so, our Governance programme also seeks to empower women and youth, and enhance their participation in public life.more

Good Governance for the People

UNDP is supporting Maldives to consolidate and deepen the democratic progress and promote good governance by working with the people in building partnerships and sharing ways to strengthen participation, accountability, and effectiveness at all levels. Photo: UNDP Maldives 2013.more

Our Stories

Maldivian Women in Public Life
Maldivian Women in Public Life

Meet Nazla who’s shaping the future of Shaviyani Atoll as the only female member in the Council. Currently women constitute only 5% of councilors in Maldives. At UNDP, we’d love to see more women like Nazla leading the way in Atoll and Island Councils. more 

Supporting the National Human Rights Action Plan
National human rights action plan

As the Attorney General's Office launches the National Human Rights Framework on Human Rights Day, UNDP Maldives look forward to support the AGO in making the process inclusive and participatory and bring the voices of the people into the National Human Rights Action Plan that will follow.more 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • IGP Result Area 1

    National and Local Level Institutional Capacities Strengthened to Ensure Transparency and Accountability and for Supporting Democratic Consolidation and Processesmore 

  • IGP Result Area 2

    Equitable Access to Justice Increased and Rule of Law Strengthened Through Support to the Justice Sector, Including Judiciary, and Promotion of Human Rightsmore 

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