Project Initiation Plan: Strengthening National Capacity for Evidence Based Policy Formulation


UNDP is supporting the Government and other actors with the preparation of the second National Human Development Report. Photo: UNDP Maldives 2013.

The project aims to strengthen the capacity of national institutions and actors for evidence based policy formulation, development planning, and Managing for Development Results (MfDR) through the application of the Human Development (HD) concept in shaping up policies and programs that keep people at the center of national development. The purpose of this Initiation Plan is to provide preparatory assistance to develop a full-fledged project document on building national capacity to generate and analyze data to strengthen evidence based policy formulation that will institutionalize the principles of MfDR into national planning, reporting, monitoring, budgeting and aid coordination processes. It will also support the formulation of a National Human Development Report (NHDR) that will feed into the multi-year work plan of the main project document on strengthening national capacity for evidence based policy formulation.

Our Work

Stakeholders discuss the 4th Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report of the Maldives, to be developed with assistance from UNDP. Photo: UNDP Maldives 2013.

National Human Development Report of the Maldives (NHDR):

  • In collaboration with the Government and other relevant state actors, UNDP Maldives is supporting the preparation of the second Maldives National Human Development Report (NHDR), with the first report having been published more than a decade ago in 2000.
  • Initial consultations with multiple stakeholders, including line ministries, CSOs, NGOs, youth and women groups, independent institutions and academics, were instrumental to shortlist priority themes that were then discussed during a multi-stakeholder workshop.
  • Following an inclusive and a participatory consultative process, the theme selected for the Maldives NHDR is “Equity and Vulnerability.”
  • With the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for September 2013, and the current National Development Plan (Strategic Action Plan 2009-2013) coming to an end, it is an opportune time to produce the NHDR.
  • The NHDR will act as an important document in incorporating the concept of human development in targeting developmental plans and as a driving force in influencing the new National Developmental Plan that will set out the country’s vision for the next 5 years.

Establishment of Maldives Institute for Policy Studies (MIPS):

  • The Maldives Institute for Policy Studies is to be an autonomous organization dedicated to the research and analysis of domestic policy issues.
  • It will aim at fostering discussion and research on various policy issues and link academic research and public policy by providing opportunities for independent analyses for neutral and informed discussion of key domestic issues.
  • The Institute will provide an independent voice in socio-economic policy analysis, through publications, seminars and workshops.
  • The research conducted at this institute will also provide economic data and expertise to aid decision makers in the government, businesses, and non-profit organizations to enable evidence-based decision making and effective and efficient policy formulation.


YEAR 2013 TOTAL US$ 117,731.00
UNDP (TRAC funding) US$ 79,759.00
UNDP (DSS funding) US$ 19,926.00
YEAR 2012
UN UNDP (TRAC funding) US$ 18,046.00


YEAR 2012
UNDP (TRAC Funding) US$ 16,907.89
Project start date:
October 2012
Estimated end date:
September 2013
Geographic coverage:
Focus Area:
Human Development
Programme Focal Point:
Athifa Ibrahim
Department of National Planning under the Ministry of Finance & Treasury