GREEN CLIMATE FUND: Supporting vulnerable communities in Maldives to manage climate change-induced water shortages



The outer islands of the Maldives experience drinking water shortages during the dry season. These shortages have had significant adverse human, environmental and social impacts on the outer island. The key problems pertaining to freshwater security relate to the increasingly variable rainfall patterns induced by climate change and sea-level rise induced salinity of groundwater. The Government faces constraints in responding to the challenge at hand without assistance, especially in the context of anticipated impacts of climate change.

Project Aims


In response to this climate challenge, this project aims to deliver safe and secure freshwater to 105,000 people in the islands of Maldives in the face of climate change risks. This will be achieved by delivering the following results:

a.       Scaling up an integrated water supply system to provide safe water to vulnerable households;

b.       Introduction of decentralized and cost-effective dry season water supply systems;

c.       Groundwater quality improved to secure freshwater reserves for long term resilience.

The proposed adaptation solution is to scale up the use of an integrated water resource management (IWRM) system that will bring three primary sources of water (rainwater, groundwater and desalinated water) into a least cost delivery system that is able to maintain service levels in the face of climate change related pressures. A paradigm shift will be achieved by addressing the main barriers to implementing integrated water supply systems (cost recovery; management capacity; and institutional mandates, coordination and policy direction).

This is one of the first projects to be funded globally through the Green Climate Fund.


YEARS 2017-2022
Total US$ 28,230,304  
Green Climate Fund US$ 23,636,364                      
UNDP TRAC resources US$ 100,000  
Co-financing (total): US$ 4,493,940  
         -  Government (in-kind) US$ 4,493,940  

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