Enhance National Capacity for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Maldives


 Shipwrecked in the Maldives. Photo: UNDP Maldives 2013

The experience of the 2004 Tsunami was devastating for the people of the Maldives. In recent years there have been occurrences of high frequency, low impact hydro-meteorological hazards in the country due to changes in weather patterns.  This has been causing storm surges and coastal flooding resulting in inundation of settlements, lifeline infrastructures, agricultural farms, schools and so on. Increasing frequency of these types of weather phenomenon due to climate change exacerbated by the physical, social and economic vulnerabilities of the population has put heavy pressure on the capacities of the government (especially local governments) and the people to cope with and manage disasters.

UNDP studies have concluded that investments in mitigation measures presents certain benefits which are still minimal, and that any slight changes to the underlying assumptions could result in a net loss of investment.

A significant shift in focus towards softer protection measures such as development of capacities, preparedness and early warning and increase in resilience is much needed.

Our Work

The Enhance National Capacity for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Maldives project was developed in late 2012 in support of the institutional strengthening of the Maldives National Disaster Management Centre and to support operationalisation of the provisions of the Disaster Risk Management Bill. The project started in July 2013 and will see the development of national and local disaster risk reduction standard operating procedures, emergency operation plans, an internally displaced populations framework and a disaster communications strategy. The project will endeavour to integrate cross cutting issues related climate change adaptation, gender and at risk populations into disaster risk reduction and management.


Funding 2013-2015

UNDP BCPR US$ 400 000
Government of Maldives US$ 97 000
Government of Maldives (in-Kind) US$ 80 000
Unfunded Project Components US$ 116 000
TOTAL US$ 693 000


2013                US$ 26,000.00