Enabling Environment Created and Strengthened for Enhanced Social Cohesion Through Inclusive and Participatory Decision Making and Development


Civil society groups from across the country engaging in an evening of festivities at the NGO Forum organized by UNDP and the Government. Photo: UNDP Maldives 2012.

This result area ensures:

  • National and local capacities are developed for the peaceful management of inter-group and other tensions.
  • Capacities and mechanisms for civil society, women and youth are enhanced to participate in public life, promote human rights and contribute to social cohesion.
  • Capacity of the media to contribute to democratic discourse is enhanced.

Our Work

A community-based theater session held targeting youth groups, to promote dialogue around the elections. Photo: UNDP Maldives 2013.


  • To create awareness on Rights to Information (RTI) and to facilitate sharing of experiences and international best practices, a RTI Symposium was among policy makers, public officials, civil society and media. International, regional and local experts attended as speakers and facilitated the thematic discussions. Some 40 participants from key Government ministries, independent commissions and civil society participated in the symposium.
  • In order to strengthen the knowledge base of women councillors in local governance and democracy and to facilitate linkages for experience sharing and networking, the first ever networking forum of women councillors was held. 28 women councillors participated and the forum consisted of informative sessions on leadership, gender and development and governance system (including how the three pillars of the state and the local governance system function).
  • In order to strengthen the existing national platform for NGOs to think and strategize on matters of mutual interest, a five day NGO forum was held in Raa Meedhoo, participated by 82 participants from 55 NGOs. The forum was organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs with support from UNDP.
  • In order to promote community-base, grassroots and people-led dialogues on sensitive community issues and conflicts, a five day Community Based Theatre (CBT) training was conducted by the international expert, in which 16 participants were trained in facilitating forum theatre activities and sessions. Following the training, participants conducted field activities, with the support of the expert. The CBT methodology will be used as part of a series of community level dialogue and discussion forums to enhance local capacities on managing change and conflict prevention.
  • 40 youth (20 girls and 20 boys between ages 15 to 18 years) from 18 Atolls participated in the Youth Leadership Programme 2012 organized by Democracy House in partnership with Institute of Governance and Democracy. The programme, supported by UNDP and other donors, aimed to make youth aware about cultural issues, civic education, democratic principles and functions of parliament, issues such as child protection, gender equality, conflict resolution, human rights, extremism and intolerance. A model parliament session was conducted at the end of the training, and was aired on the national TV channel.


  • National level discussions and dialogues on RTI have increased through advocacy radio shows organised by NGO Transparency Maldives with support from UNDP and the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF). The radio programme covered topics such as introduction to RTI, importance of RTI for democratic countries, role of RTI for good governance, transparency and accountability and RTI as a tool for addressing corruption. The radio shows are also being uploaded as podcasts.


YEAR 2012  TOTAL US$ 476,860
German Foreign Office US$ 57,000
UNDP TRAC US$ 55,095
European Union
US$ 59,900
US$ 97,665
Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund US$ 107,200
AusAid US$ 100,000
YEAR 2013 
TOTAL US$ 622,767

UNDP TRAC US$ 36,375
UNDEF US$ 131,044
DGTTF US$ 153,100
BCPR US$ 4,482
Government of Australia US$ 149,566
US State Department US$ 103,386
Government of Germany US$ 27,282
EU BCPR US$ 12,542
USAID US$ 5,000


YEAR 2012
UNDP TRAC US$ 10,994
Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund US$ 53,298
Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery US$ 30,484
AusAid US$ 17,205
YEAR 2013
TOTAL: US$ 487,430 (78.27%)
UNDP TRAC US$ 27,314 (75.09%)
UNDEF US$ 71,936 (54.89%)
DGTTF US$ 144,005 (94.06%)
BCPR US$ 3,417 (76.24%)
Government of Australia US$ 109,334 (73.11%)
US State Department US$ 101,458 (98.14%)
Government of Germany US$ 25,499 (93.46%)
USAID US$ 4,467 (89.34%)
Project start date:
10 August 2013
Estimated end date:
31 July 2015
Geographic coverage:
Focus area:
Building capacity for social cohesion
Programme Focal Point:
Ms. Zindu Salih
Ministry of Human Resources, Youth and Sports, Maldives National University, President’s Office, Civil Society, Maldives Broadcasting Commission, Media Council, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Gender, Family and Human Rights