Increased voice and citizen participation for strengthened governance systems


 UNDP has been working with partners to consolidate the foundations for democracy in the Maldives. Photo: UNDP Maldives 2015.

This result area focuses on increasing engagement between state and the citizens to ensure the voices of the communities are heard and there is participation in political processes for a strengthened governance system. The focus will be on strengthening the interface between and among three key groups; public service providers; their ‘clients’, individual citizens; and oversight bodies which are the foundation for strong resilient institutions that enjoy public confidence and contribute to democratic consolidation.


Our Work

 Participants at the first ever social innovation camp held in the Maldives with UNDP's support. Photo: Shan/Dark Rain Studios 2016.

This result area would work to ensure:

  • Enhanced capacity of civil society to contribute to policy development and democratic discourse
  • Increased transparency and accountability of governance processes
  • Participatory planning mechanisms established
  • Increased representations and participation of women at decision-making level
  • Increased number of female candidates at national and local level election
  • Improved structure and processes for women to engage in political parties

Partners IGP Phase II

President’s Office, Elections Commission, Parliament (Majlis), Local Government Authority, Local Councils, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Human Resources, Youth and Sports, Civil Society, Supreme Court and other Courts, Attorney General’s Office, Prosecutor General’s Office, Human Rights Commission of the Maldives, Maldives Police Service, Maldives Correctional Services, Anti-Corruption Commission and Ministry of Law and Gender.

Funding IGP Phase II

Result Area 1: Increased voice and citizen participation for strengthened governance systems US$ 2,125,000
Result Area 2: Enhanced access to justice and protection of human rights US$ 2,098,000
Project Management US$ 1,423,000
GRAND TOTAL US$ 6,267,060

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