Democratic Governance

  • IGP Result Area 1IGP Result Area 1The focus of this area will be on strengthening the interface between and among three key groups; public service providers; their ‘clients’, individual citizens; and oversight bodies which are the foundation for strong resilient institutions that enjoy public confidence and contribute to democratic consolidation.

  • IGP Result Area 2IGP Result Area 2This result area works to ensure that equitable access to justice is increased and rule of law strengthened through support to the Justice Sector, Including the Judiciary, as well as focuses on the promotion of human rights.

  • IGP Result Area 3IGP Result Area 3This area works to ensure that an enabling environment is created and strengthened for enhanced social cohesion through inclusive and participatory decision making and development


As the rapid democratization process takes shape, UNDP is supporting Maldives to consolidate and deepen the democratic progress and promote good governance by working with the people in building partnerships and sharing ways to strengthen participation, accountability, and effectiveness at all levels.

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