6 Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty

Where we are

Poverty issues in the Maldives are related to remoteness of the islands and lack of services in the atolls. Photo: Umair Badeeu/UNDP Maldives 2007.

Although MDG1 has been achieved in Maldives, additional efforts must be undertaken to address remaining gaps, particularly in terms of eliminating inequalities within the atolls, expanding limited employment opportunities, especially for youth, and addressing persistent high levels of undernutrition among children. There is a need to have more relevant and appropriate strategies for poverty reduction, because poverty in the Maldivian context differs from that of many other countries, with poverty issues often related to hardship or remoteness of the islands and lack of services in the atolls.

With the former Poverty Reduction Programme now embedded within the Policy and Inclusive Growth Unit, UNDP continues to support Maldives promote economic equity through strengthening community livelihoods, supporting small and medium enterprises and building skills to make people more employable. These include the introduction of innovative farming techniques, entrepreneurship development among women and youth, and the development of alternative income sources. At the policy level UNDP has supported the formulation of a rights-based housing policy as well as assisting the country develop competence in the areas of trade.

UNDP's work in the Maldives

  • Eco-tourism, an exciting new venture for remote islands

    Eco-tourism, an exciting new venture for remote islands

    Prior to the p4d Forum in the South, communication between resorts and islands in the region were limited and no formal business arrangements had been made between the two, despite possibilities of mutual benefit.more

  • A Dance of Hope

    A Dance of Hope

    The Katolla Cooperative has learnt the importance of establishing long term business relationships, and to provide services with maximum quality.more

Targets for MDG1
  1. Reduce by half the proportion of people living on less than a dollar a day
    • Proportion of population below $1 (PPP) per day
    • Poverty gap ratio
    • Share of poorest quintile in national consumption
  2. Achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all, including women and young people
    • Growth rate of GDP per person employed
    • Employment-to-population ratio
    • Proportion of employed people living below $1 (PPP) per day
    • Proportion of own-account and contributing family workers in total employment
  3. Reduce by half the proportion of people who suffer from hunger
    • Prevalence of underweight children under-five years of age
    • Proportion of population below minimum level of dietary energy consumption