Survey of Climate Change Adaptation Measures in Maldives

17 Jun 2015

The ‘Integration of Climate Change Risks into Resilient Island Planning in the Maldives’ Project seeks to elaborate, demonstrate and promote community based and other climate change adaptation measures used in the Maldives.


Report of the Survey of Climate Change Adaptation Measures in Maldives is an assessment undertaken as part of this project to provide baseline information on adaptation activities in Maldives and to identify adaptation options currently being used that may be suitable for replication in the project.


The output of this survey is a compendium of adaptation measures that can be implemented by communities, highlighting the features of each measure, their strengths, weaknesses, and providing illustrated examples across Maldives. This survey was conducted in 40 islands spread across Maldives and included 25 residential islands and 12 resort islands and 3 infrastructure islands from October to December 2010.

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