Comprehensive Study of the Maldivian Civil Society

01 Sep 2011


This report provides in depth analyses of several key aspects that should be addressed to facilitate the growth of the civil society sector. This includes the necessary revisions that need to be brought to the Associations Act (2003) to be in line with the Constitution of the Maldives (2008). It also includes valuable recommendations for the categorization of CSOs that facilitates the growth of smaller community based ‘generalist’ CSOs as well as the national level ‘specialist’ CSOs. The report highlights the current limitations of CSOs in operations, capacity gaps and limited availability of funds. The report provides insight into the opportunities for improving the public confidence in CSOs and the key concerns that should be addressed when decentralizing the regulation and monitoring of CSOs.


  • The information in this report would be very useful for policymakers and other stakeholders with an interest in developing civil society in the Maldives.
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