Engaging the private sector in advancing gender equality at work

18 Nov 2016 by Helen Clark, Administrator, UNDP

Young women and men entering the labour force have nearly the same level of educational qualifications. But they often don't face equal opportunities at work.
Globally, young women and men entering the labour force today have nearly the same level of educational qualifications. But they often don't face equal opportunities in the world of work. Women earn, on average, 24 percent less than men. In S&P 500 companies, women hold only 4.6 percent of CEO positions and take under 20 percent of board seats. Yet research suggests that increasing the proportion of women on boards of directors is linked to better financial results and higher levels of corporate philanthropy. In rich and poor countries alike, women carry a disproportionate burden of unpaid work – for example, caring for young, elderly, sick and/or disabled family members; and in obtaining and preparing food. These tasks not only demand substantial time and energy but also can prevent women from fulfilling their aspirations and deprive economies of women’s full talents and contributions. Women’s equality in the workplace is a critical component of gender equality and sustainable development. It would not only improve the prospects of millions of women, but would also have a profound impact on the development of countries. The World Economic Forum’s recently released Gender Gap Report 2016 called for businesses to “prioritize gender equality as a critical talent and moral imperative”. … Read more

Empresas por la igualdad de género

18 Nov 2016 by Susan McDade, Deputy Director, Latin America and the Caribbean, UNDP

 Companies committed to women’s active participation achieve greater efficiency and better personnel performance, have more committed employees, and improve hiring and their public image. Photo: James A. Rodríguez/MiMundo.org
La Agenda 2030 nos brinda una hoja de ruta para construir el mundo que queremos, sin dejar a nadie detrás. La igualdad de género es clave para alcanzar los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS), tanto como derecho humano fundamental como motor del progreso para todos los demás objetivos. Empoderar a las mujeres y niñas tiene un efecto multiplicador y eso contribuye a promover el crecimiento económico y el desarrollo a nivel mundial. … Read more

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