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Since the opening of the UNDP country office in Maldives in March 1978, the organization has worked closely with the Government, civil society and other key stakeholders to achieve progress in all areas of human development from democratic governance to poverty eradication, to climate and disaster risk resilience. UNDP Country Programme 2016-2020, developed in partnership with and approved by the Government of Maldives ensures that the UNDP framework is thematically aligned with the national priorities articulated in government manifestos and the strategies of line ministries and state entities.

The UNDP Maldives Country Programme works towards the achievement of two key outcomes; ensuring citizen expectations for voice, sustainable development, the rule of law, and accountability are met by stronger systems of democratic governance, and ensuring growth and development are inclusive, sustainable, increase resilience to climate change and disasters, and contribute to enhanced food, energy and water security and natural resource management.


Contact Us

The United Nations Development Programme in the Maldives can be contacted at:

4th Floor, H. Aage (Bank of Ceylon Building)
Boduthakurufaanu Magu
Male’, Maldives
Tel: +960 332-4501
Fax: +960 332-4504

Email: registry.mv@undp.org

Social media: www.facebook.com/UNDPMaldives and www.twitter.com/UNDPMaldives

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